Ordering the collection

Over the past few years, many new songsheets and folios from the early 1920s have been added to the collection, making it difficult to offer on DVDs. Instead, I have it available on a 32GB USB stick. I have also lowered the price, making it less expensive to own (in part because the Canadian dollar has fallen in comparison to the USD). The price includes more than 16 GB of scanned songsheets and song books in PDF format, plus some additional files such as a chord book and files to create your own key transposition wheel and chord builder wheels (my designs). There are approx. 4,950 individual songsheets, 183 songbooks, and more than 1,000 pieces with guitar or piano arrangements, but that figure will change as new items are added.

Update, June, 2022: In 2021 I received approximately 1,200 files from other users, particularly a great resource and terrific ukulele player in Greece who has an impressive library of scans. These are currently in a folder titled "uncatalogued" but this summer I will sort them all out and put them in their correct folders. Also, because of the additional files, the entire collection no longer fits on a 16GB USB drive. I have found a relatively inexpensive source of 32GB USB drives, and now make everything available on 32GB at the old price.

Please note that updates and reorganizations are always ongoing as I obtain new material.Please contact me to learn what new material has been added.

The pandemic slowed mail considerably and may still delay mail, so estimates for delivery may be off by several days or even weeks. Please be patient.

Price for the USB (32GB) is STILL only $20 US for mailing to Canada & USA or $23.00 to mail to international addresses (price increased minimally in 2020 to cover increased overseas postal costs; Canadian and U.S. pricing may increase slightly in 2022 to cover updated mailing costs). The USB comes with all the duplicate files (ukulele and non-uke arrangements) and some extras. I can also provide the collection on an SD card at extra cost (please inquire first).

I reiterate that to the best of my knowledge, none of this material is copyright. I have scanned most of it myself from originals, but also received both paper and scanned material from others, and found some others online. If you find material here with a renewed or extant copyright, please let me know and I will remove the piece. My intention is to share and keep alive music from the era when ukulele was first popular, not to violate anyone's rights.

In the meantime, while you wait for delivery or just want something to play, you are welcome to download our (now defunct) local ukulele group's song book. It includes several of my arrangements of old tunes found in this collection.

For USA and Canadian orders, 32GB USB stick:
$20 USD includes mailing.
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For international orders,
32GB USB stick: $23.00 USD, includes mailing.
Use this button:

If you would like to keep this old music alive, and help build the collection, please donate to help me continue this project and continue to buy vintage song sheets and folios:

Mailed from Canada. Delivery time depends on your local postal service, weather, and social conditions. Expect 5-10 days to USA or Canada, 7-10 days to UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France and Germany, 10-21 days for most other international destinations. Some countries may take 21 days or longer, depending on postal service and customs. The pandemic slowed mail considerably, so estimates for delivery may be off by several days or even weeks, depending on your country. Please be patient.