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Hotsy Totsy

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Songs in our songbook and presented here for discussion and study only. They are copyright their respective authors and publishers. These arrangements are meant for personal use and practice, not for commercial use.
Here’s the link: The Songbook

I crafted most of the arrangements myself; some are also based on arrangements done by others. They may not always reflect the original arrangement, nor the original key. Some have been altered to better suite the ukulele, my playing style, or my own singing preferences.

The songs have been chosen from my own personal tastes and experience – jazz, blues, folk, rock and even cowboy music – but anyone is welcome to request or share any other song for group play. It’s best to contact me to arrange a way to post it here or to share it with others before any meetings, so we can all have a bit of time to practice it.

New songs will be added periodically to allow readers an opportunity to expand their musical horizons. Some songs from the CPLUG songbook will also be added with additional information, techniques and tips, as well as links to videos or music.

If you are interested in vintage sheet music from the 1920s and 30s, arranged for ukulele, please visit I have A collection of several thousand pieces scanned to PDF format.


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