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Ukulele Chord BibleHere are a few of the many online tools ukulele players may find useful for learning, songwriting, arranging, tuning and just fun. I’ll add more as I find and review them:

Ukefarm has several useful tools on its site. Type in the chords of a song or a phrase and with a click of a button transpose them into another key:

Ukulele chord finder is good for showing chords. it also lets you hear them:

It requires Flash to work, but if you’ve disabled it in your browser, the Ukebuddy chord finder doesn’t need Flash:

However, it is missing a few of the jazzy chords I like to use. The site also has a chord namer, so you can draw a chord on the string diagram and it will give you the name. That’s a real help when composing or arranging music.

A similar chord tool is found at Ukehelper, but it also includes a variety of scales shown on the fretboard.

There are many ukulele chord books available, but the best I’ve found is the Chord Bible with 2,160 chords shown, plus basic information on chord structure, building and fingering. It doesn’t seem to be on Amazon or Chapters these days, so order it direct from Fretted Friends. They also have a baritone version and a version for D6 tunings for sale. Picture is at the top. You can also get many free chord booklets and single-page charts online.

Chord Wheel bookHere’s an interactive circle of fifths that lets you change both keys and modes to see the relationships. It doesn’t identify relative minors, however, but they are always the vi chord. And if you want a printed chord wheel to work when when you’re offline, look for Jim Fleser’s little book. Very useful for anyone trying to do songwriting.

You should have a printed circle of fifths chart for when we discuss some music theory and how chords relate to each other. You can also download and print my own transposition wheel here.

Ukegeeks offers the songmatic song and chord writer if you want to incorporate the code into your own site (I’ll look further to see if I can mesh it with WordPress so it can work here).

Uketuner has an acoustic tuner with both C and D tunings, plus baritone (G). You can use it if your digital tuner’s battery dies. Another can be found at Ukulele Tabs and a more comprehensive one at Get Tuned.

There are also several ukulele apps in the iTunes and Android stores for tablets and smart phones, which I will review in another post.

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